2019 Exhibitors

The Expo features exhibitors including malt, hops and yeast suppliers as well as companies that service the beer industry, craft beer educational programs, and more!

2019 Summit exhibitors:

Company Name Booth Number Company Website
ABM Equipment 415 www.ABMBrewery.com
ABS Commercial www.abs-commercial.com
Admiral Maltings www.admiralmaltings.com 
AFCO/Zep Inc 446 www.zepbrew.com
AJS Tap Handles www.ajstaphandles.com
All American Label www.allamericanlabel.net
Alpha BrewingOperations 432 www.alphabrewops.com 
American Beer Equipment 241 www.americanbeerequipment.com 
American Canning 325 www.americancanning.com 
American Cornhole Association (ACA) 457 www.playcornhole.org 
Amoretti 100 www.amoretti.com 
Ampco Pumps Company Inc 313 www.ampcopumps.com/brewing-cellar/ 
Anton Paar 107 www.anton-paar.com
Arryved Inc. 147 www.arryved.com 
Associated Packaging, Inc. 640 www.associatedpackaging.com
Avery Products Corp 118 www.avery.com 
BARNUM MECHANICAL INC. 451 www.barnummech.com 
Beachwood 447 http://www.beachwoodbbq.com/
Berlin Packaging www.berlinpackaging.com 
Blue Label Digital Printing 226 www.bluelabeldigital.com 
Boston Capital Leasing 535 www.BCL.beer.com
Breckenridge Technologies 120 www.brecktech.com
Brewbilt Manufacturing 410 www.brewbilt.com
Brewbound 621 www.bevnet.com
Brewers Hardware 529 www.brewershardware.com 
Brewery Finance 650 www.breweryfinance.com 
Brewery Pak Insurance Program 349 www.brewerypak.com 
Briess Malt & Ingredients 533 http://www.briess.com/
BSG Hops Interactive 201 www.bsgcraftbrewing.com/ 
Cascade Floors Inc. 206 www.Cascadefloors.com
Cask Global Canning Solutions 335 www.cask.com 
CFT Packaging USA https://www.cft-group.com
Chill Rite Mfg chillrite32.com
ChillerTron www.ChillerTron.com 
Cicerone® Certification Program 628 www.cicerone.org 
Clark Pest Control 550 www.clarkpest.com/about-us 
CO2Meter 466 www.co2meter.com 
Coaster Culture Printing 109 www.CoasterCulturePrinting.com
Colorado Malting Co. 423 www.coloradomaltingcompany.com
ControlTec, Inc 234 www.craftbrewcontrol.com 
Craft Brew Water 255 www.craftbrewwater.com
Craft Sourcing Collective www.craftsourcing.com
Criveller California Corporation 124 www.criveller.com
Custom Label www.customlabel.com
Deutsche Beverage Technology 115 www.deutschebeverage.com 
Dex-O-Tex by Crossfield Products Corp. 340 www.dex-o-tex.com/ 
DK Advanced Technologies www.cancapcork.com
DrinkTanks www.drinktanks.com 
Ekos 113 www.goekos.com 
EquipNet 360 https://www.equipnet.com/
Farwell Rashkis, LLP 343 farwellrashkis.com
Fermentis – Division of LYC 309 www.fermentis.com 
Ferrum Inc 312 www.ferrumus.com
Firestone Walker Brewing Company 440a www.firestonebeer.com
FOAM-iT 133 https://foamit.com/
Foxx Equipment 116 foxxequipment.com
G&D Chillers 333 www.gdchillers.com 
G3 Enterprises – petainerKeg™ www.g3enterprises.com/alternative-packaging
Gambrinus Malting 310 www.gambrinusmalting.com/
GEA North America 530 www.gea.com 
Geeks Who Drink 246 https://www.geekswhodrink.com/about/pub 
GigaYeast Inc. 463 www.gigayeast.com
Grainfather 311 www.grainfather.com
Grandstand Glassware & Apparel 910 www.egrandstand.com
Gusmer Enterprises 341 www.gusmerbeer.com 
Harrington Industrial Plastics 316 www.harringtonplastics.com
Heyes Filters Inc. 247 www.HeyesFilters.com
Hopsteiner 208 www.hopsteiner.com 
Hoptown Handles 259 www.hoptownhandles.com 
HUB International 347 www.craftbrewtrust.com/ 
Jet Gasket & Seal Co 523 www.brewerygaskets.com
John Fearless Co 327 www.johnfearless.com
Kagetec Industrial Flooring 431 www.kagetecusa.com
Kegstar 414 https://www.kegstar.com/united_states/ 
Kittrich Canopy 127 www.kittrichcanopy.com
Kretus Group 324 www.kretus.com
Krones, Inc. 346A www.krones.com/en/
Kuriyama of America www.kuriyama.com 
LA Beer Hop 553 http://labeerhop.com
Labeltronix 227 www.labeltronix.com 
Lallemand Brewing 548 www.lallemandbrewing.com 
Lets Support LLC 248 www.letssupport.com
Liquid-Go 449 www.liquid-go.com 
Malteurop Malting Company 916 www.malteuropmaltingco.com/en 
McCune Mechanical 224 www.Mccunemechanical.com 
McFinn Technologies, LLC www.americanbeerpumps.com/home.html
Meridian Manufacturing Inc. 151 https://www.meridianmfg.com/industrial/
Micro Matic USA, Inc 525 www.micromatic.com
MicroStar Logistics 141 www.microstarlogistics.com
MoreBeer! Pro morebeerpro.com
Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn https://murphycampbell.com/
MV SPORT / THE GAME 108 www.mvsport.com
National Emblem, Inc. www.nationalemblem.com
Omega Yeast 249 www.omegayeast.com 
OrchestratedBeer 630 orchestratedbeer.com
Paktech 631 www.paktech-opi.com
Palmer Canning Systems www.palmercannig.com 
Parker Boiler 666 www.parkerboiler.com 
Pelliconi Florida LLC www.pelliconi.com
PicoBrew, Inc. 433 www.picobrew.com
Pioneer Packaging 342 pioneernorthwest.com
Placer Process Systems, Inc. 340A www.PlacerProcess.com 
Pneumatic Scale Angelus https://www.psangelus.com/
Preferred Employers Insurance 547 www.peiwc.com 
Premier Stainless Systems 318 www.premierstainless.com
Pro Chiller Systems, Inc. 225 www.prochiller.com 
Proximity Malt 557 https://proximitymalt.com/
Rahr Malting Co. 308 www.rahrmaltingco.com/
Resource Label Group 652 www.resourcelabel.com
Rite Boiler 111 www.riteboiler.com 
RMS ROLLER GRINDER, INC. 122 https://rmsroller-grinder.com/
Roper Pump Company 214 www.roperpumps.com
SAHM Glass 232 www.sahm.de/en
Saxco International, LLC www.saxco.com 
Schaefer Container Systems wwww.schaefercontainers.com
Sempra / SoCalGas 212 www.socalgas.com; https://www.sempra.com/
Shepard Bros, Inc. 348 www.shepardbros.com
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company 541 www.sierranevada.com
Ska Fabricating www.skafabricating.com
SLG Keg Pros 624 slg.com
Slot Drain Systems 314 www.slotdrainsystems.com 
Southern California Edison 210 www.sce.com 
Sovereign Flavors Inc. 648 sovereignflavors.com
Steady Brewing 447a www.steadybrewing.com
Swanson Waters www.SwansonWater.com 
Taphandles https://www.taphandles.com/
Techstyles 654 https://www.techstyles.com 
Tender Heifer Snack Co 261 www.smokehousejerkyco.com
The Barrel Mill 226A InfusionSpiral.com
The Country Malt Group 435 www.countrymalt.com 
THIELMANN 315 www.thielmann.com/en
Three Weavers Brewing Company 440b www.threeweavers.la/
Trysk Print Solutions 632 www.tryskprintsolutions.com 
Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems Inc 112 www.twinmonkeys.net 
UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education 532 www.cpe.ucdavis.edu/brewing 
UC San Diego Extension 555 https://extension.ucsd.edu/brewing
Vacuum Barrier Corporation 334 www.vacuumbarrier.com
Visionary Labels & Packaging LLC. 626 https://visionarylabels.com
Visit Sacramento 265 www.sacramento365.com
WESTERN AMERICAN FOODS, INC. www.westernamericanfoods.com
Western Square Industries westernsquare.com
White Labs 531 www.whitelabs.com 
Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing www.WildGooseCanning.com
XIMO USA Ximousa.com
Zee Loeffler 363 http://www.vincitgroup.com/chemical
ZymurTech LLC 317 www.zymurtech.com/ 

Important Dates

  • May 14, 2019
    CA Craft Beer Summit Tickets on Sale
  • July 19, 2019
    Early Bird Prices End
  • September 12-13, 2019
    California Craft Beer Summit Expo Hall at the Long Beach Convention Center
  • September 14, 2019
    CA Summit Beer Festival at Marina Green Park in Long Beach

2019 Sponsors