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Four long years may seem like a Sisyphusian eternity, but last week Lagunitas Brewing Company owner Tony McGee finally got a reprieve from rolling the rock up the hill.

The California State Coastal Commission finally gave approval for a farm and small brandy distillery overlooking Tomales Bay.  It was a “frustrating, fascinating and expensive affair” says Tony.

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tony magee

Lagunitas to Build Brewery in Chicago

April 10th, 2012 by CCBA


Tony Magee founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company takes everyone by surprise by his plan to build a brewery at the old Ryerson Steel Mill, on the SW side of Chicago. Estimated completion of construction is July 2013.

Why send your beer 2500 miles away when you can brew it where you plan to sell it.
The future of craft brewing is going to be local, it should be,” he said. “And I sure want to be part of that future.

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