2018 Exhibitors

The Expo features exhibitors including malt, hops and yeast suppliers as well as companies that service the beer industry, craft beer educational programs, and more!

2018 Summit exhibitors:

Exhibitor Name Booth Number Exhibitor Website
ABM Equipment 1101 www.abmbrewery.com
Admiral Maltings 203 www.admiralmaltings.com 
AEB Biochemical 813 www.aebusa.com
AJS Tap Handles 1403 www.ajstaphandles.com
Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau CCBA Hub www.ttb.gov
All American Label 1113 www.allamericanlabel.net 
Allen Beverage & Stainless Service 910 www.soundbrew.com 
American Beer Equipment 700 www.americanbeerequipment.com 
American Canning 200 www.americancanning.com 
American Craft Brands 1205 www.ninkatek.com
Amsler Equipment Inc 1509 www.amslerequipment.net 
Anton Paar 502 www.anton-paar.com
Apex Brewing Supply 1503 www.apexbrewingsupply.com 
Atlas Labels & Packaging 805 www.atlaslabels.com 
Barnum Mechanical Inc 602 www.barnummech.com
Bay City Boiler & Engineering Co., Inc. 703 www.baycityboiler.com 
Bear Republic Brewing Company 507 www.bearrepublic.com
Berlin Packaging 308 www.berlinpackaging.com
Best Label 1507 www.beerlabelsdoneright.com
BioGill Operations Pty Limited 702 www.biogill.com
Blucher/Watts 901 www.blucherpipe.com/breweries
Boelter Beverage 214 www.beercup.com
Boston Capital Leasing 1400 www.BCL.beer.com
BrewBilt Manufacturing 606 www.brewbilt.com
Brewery Finance 605 www.breweryfinance.com
BSG CraftBrewing 401 www.bsgcraftbrewing.com
Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross LLP 310 www.cmprlaw.com
Cascade floors inc 104 www.cascadefloors.com
Cask Global Canning Solutions 503 www.cask.com
Ceramic Decorating Company TBD www.ceramicdecoratingco.com
ChillerTron 304 www.ChillerTron.com
Cicerone® Certification Program 1114 www.cicerone.org 
Clark Pest Control 907 www.clarkpest.com
ClearWater Tech Ozone Disinfection 306 www.cwtozone.com 
Coldbreak Brewing 808 www.coldbreakbrewing.com
ControlTec 611 www.craftbrewcontrol.com
CraftMaster Stainless 311 www.craftmasterstainless.com 
Criveller California Corp 903 www.criveller.com 
DBI Beverage 1100 www.dbibeverage.com
Del Sol NRG, Inc. 1405 www.delsolnrg.com
Dixie Canner Company 210 www.dixiecanner.com
Encore Glass Inc 1104 www.encoreglass.com 
Farwell Rashkis, LLP 506 www.farwellrashkis.com
Fermentis – Division of Lesaffre Yeast Corporation 206 www.fermentis.com
Ferrum Inc 305 www.ferrumus.com 
FIFTY/FIFTY Bottles 704 www.fiftyfiftybottles.com 
Firestone Walker Brewing Company 507 www.firestonebeer.com
FOAM-iT 1406 www.foamit.com 
Foxx Equipment 1207 www.foxxequipment.com
G&D Chillers 207 www.gdchillers.com
G3 Enterprises, Inc – petainerKeg 1408 www.g3enterprises.com
GEA North America 301 www.gea.com 
Geeks Who Drink 1108 www.geekswhodrink.com
George Peterson Insurance Agency 1508 www.gpins.com
Grandstand Glassware & Apparel 1200 www.egrandstand.com
Grupo Zapata 1105 www.gzapata.com 
H2O Engineering 504 www.h2oengineering.com
Haney Business Ventures, Inc. 904 www.haneybiz.com 
Harrington Industrial Plastics 300a www.hipco.com/
Heyes Filters Inc 804 www.heyesfilters.com
Hopsteiner TBD www.hopsteiner.com 
Hoptown Handles 202 www.hoptownhandles.com
Hydro Flask 215 www.hydroflask.com
Impact Canopy USA 211 www.impactcanopy.com 
John Fearless Company 603 www.johnfearless.com
Kathinka Labs TBD www.kathinkalabs.com
Keg Logistics (Atlas Keg Co.) 212 www.Keglogistics.com
Kittrich Canopy 401a www.kittrichcanopy.com
KLEAN KANTEEN 1102 www.kleankanteen.com
Labeltronix 1210 www.labeltronix.com 
Lallemand Brewing 510 www.lallemandbrewing.com
Lightweight Containers Inc. 302 www.lightweight-containers.com
Liquid-go 1206 www.liquid-go.com
Lucky Clover Packaging TBD www.luckycloverpackaging.com
MacFab Welding, LLC 1602 www.macfabwelding.com 
Malteurop North America 1201 www.malteurop.com
Markstein Beverage Company 905 www.marksteinbeer.com
McCune Mechanical 609 www.mccunemechanical.com 
Mepco Label Systems 414 www.mepcolabel.com 
Micro Matic USA, Inc. 1111/1112 www.micromatic.com 
MicroStar Logistics 100 www.microstarlogistics.com
Montebello Packaging 802 www.foodbeveragepkg.com
Monvera Glass Décor 701 www.monvera.com 
Muntons Malt TBD www.muntons.com 
Murphy, Campbell, Alliston & Quinn 300b www.murphycampbell.com/wine-beer-law/
OneVision Corporation 303 www.onevisioncorp.com
Palmer Canning Systems 806 www.palmercanning.com
Parker Boiler 1610 www.parkerboiler.com
Placer Process Systems, Inc. 1501 www.placerprocess.com 
Powerflo Products Inc. 201 www.powerflo.com
Preferred Connect Insurance Center 1107 www.preferredconnect.net
Premier Stainless Systems 400 www.premierstainless.com 
Pro Chiller Systems, Inc 312 www.prochiller.com 
Prospero Equipment Corp. 500 www.prosperoequipment.com/
Quincy Compressor 1407 www.Quincycompressor.com
RB Dwyer Group 514 www.wesleeveit.com
Rehrig Pacific Company 501 www.rehrigpacific.com
Repcor/Blucher 902 www.repcor1.com 
Resource Label Group / Landmark Label 1502 www.resourcelabel.com 
SAHM Glass Inc 110 www.sahm.de/en/ 
Saxco International 204 www.saxco.com
Schaefer Container Systems 1202 www.schaefercontainers.com 
SCS Engineers 1402 www.scsengineers.com 
Seismic Brewing Company Seismic www.seismicbrewingco.com
Shepard Bros. Inc. 513 www.shepardbros.com
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company 1500 www.sierranevada.com
Ska Fabricating 414a www.skafabricating.com
SLG 112 www.slg.com
Slot Drain Systems 208/209 www.slotdrainsystems.com
Smokehouse Jerky 1103 www.smokehousejerkyco.com 
SoCalGas 505 www.socalgas.com
Sovereign Flavors Inc. 803 www.sovereignflavors.com
Spaulding McCullough & Tansil 1110 www.smlaw.com 
Squarrel Square Barrels & Minnetonka Brewing Equipment Co 1208 www.Squarrelbarrels.com 
Swing Shift Promotions/Meissenburg Designs 900 www.swingshiftpromotions.com 
Taphandles 908 www.taphandles.com
The Can Van 1109 www.thecanvan.com 
The Country Malt Group 509 www.countrymaltgroup.com
Trysk Print Solutions 1401 www.tryskprintsolutions.com
Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, Inc. 1601 www.twinmonkeys.net 
UC Davis Extension 309 www.extension.ucdavis.edu/brewing
Visionary Labels & Packaging LLC. 812 www.visionarylabels.com 
White Labs TBD www.whitelabs.com 
Wild Goose Canning – Meheen Manufacturing 102 www.WildGoose-Meheen.com 
XIMO USA 1209 www.ximousa.com
Zep Inc 1106 www.zepbrew.com

Important Dates

  • July 20, 2018
    Summit Discounted Early-Bird Price Ends
  • September 6-7, 2018
    California Craft Beer Summit Expo Hall at the Sacramento Convention Center
  • September 8, 2018
    CA Summit Beer Festival

2018 Sponsors