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Beer Drop Off Instructions & Festival Guidelines Here!

Brewers pouring at the festival view the drop off instructions here and festival guidelines here.
Within the Summit weekend we have two events for California brewers to donate and pour their beer!

Summit Beer Festival
Sat. Sept 9, 2017

an image of last years Brewfest with hundreds of people on the Capitol Mall in Sacramento with the Capital building in the background

Summit Expo
Regional Guild Booths, 9/7 – 9/8

an image of last years Summit Expo event with people sitting at a bar tasting beers and talking together

Benefits to participating in the weekend festivities:

  • Full access to the Summit weekend: Participating breweries will receive complimentary 4 Summit VIP Weekend Passes for your staff
  • Education, networking, and tastings
  • Build & market your brand
  • This is a fundraiser for your association, all proceeds from the summit go back to helping protect your rights and privileges as a craft brewer