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So Good and so good for you…

CheersYou may be pleasantly surprised to learn some of the amazing things beer does…for your health.

The CCBA recently sponsored an in-depth report covering recent research on the overall health benefits a beer drinker might enjoy. And when we say “in-depth”, we mean it. Well over 250 referenced studies and citations were used in the compilation of this report.

The report cited numerous studies noting that the consumption of alcohol, particularly beer, is linked to better overall health and has been shown to be effective in decreasing the risk of disease. Among its benefits, beer contains more nutrients and is generally considered to afford superior nutrient absorption. In addition, numerous other studies on longevity, mortality, and general health indicate that moderate consumption of beer reduces the rate of mortality significantly over those who abstain and over occasional drinkers.
That’s reason enough to raise your glass!

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Among the disease referenced:
Cardiovascular Disease Various Cancers
Stroke Common Cold
Type 2 Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome
Alzheimer’s Disease Parkinson’s Disease
Arthritis Hepatitis A
Enlarged Prostate Kidney Stones
Osteoporosis Peripheral Artery Disease
Gallbladder Disease

Cardiovascular Disease
During a ten-year study of 7,697 non-drinkers, investigators found that 6% of the group began consuming alcohol in moderation. After four years of follow-up these new moderate drinkers had a 38% lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease than those who had continued abstaining, taking into consideration physical activity, body mass index, existing cardiac risk factors, and demographics.

According to The National Stroke Association, “ the moderate consumption of alcohol is reported in some studies to have a protective effect against stroke due to its ability to raise levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol, often called ‘good’ cholesterol. Studies now show that drinking up to two alcoholic drinks per day can reduce your risk for stroke by about half.” (National Stroke Association, 2011)

To news like that we say “here’s to your health”

Beer’s Health Benefits result from RESPONSIBLE and MODERATE Consumption

Download the full report now!