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2013 Legislation
2014 Legislation

2015 CCBA Sponsored Bills

AB 776 (Cooper) Expanded Premise/Retail Sponsor of Special Event/Retailer Re-Sale

  • Authorizes a beer manufacturer to apply to the ABC for a brewery event permit which allows the beer manufacturer to temporary expand the licensed brewery premise for special events. Permit may be obtained up to four times a year. Property used for this purpose must be contiguous to the licensed premise (such as a parking lot) and must be under the control of the beer manufacturer.
  • Authorizes beer manufacturers and licensed retailers to participate together in sponsoring and promoting non-profit special events.
  • Clarifies that licensed retailers may not purchase products from a brewery and then re-sell at the retail license without proper price posting by the brewer

AB 780 (Das Willams) Listing of Retail Locations

  • Authorizes a beer manufacturer to list where their brands are available at retail. The beer manufacturer may provide, in direct communication with consumers, the name, location, contact info, web site address and social media contact as long as two or more licensed retailers are listed. The beer manufacturer or agent no longer is restricted to providing this information “in direct response to an inquiry.”` No promotion of the retailer or laudatory comments are allowed.

AB 774 (Levine) Sampling at Farmers Markets

  • Authorizes a beer manufacturer to provide samples of beer (up to 8 ounces per person) when conducting sales at a farmers market.

AB 893 (Stone) Brand Registration

  • This bill will eliminate the requirement by the ABC to receive label “approval” from the Department prior to selling any beer brand. Requires a beer manufacturer to register the brand with the ABC prior to sale.
  • Authorizes the listing of more than one beer manufacturer on a beer label (for collaboration beers). The actual manufacturer of the beer will be responsible for brand registration. 

SB 796 (Hall) Retail Privileges for Type 01/23

  • Clarifies that both a Type 23 and Type 01 beer manufacturer can exercise retail privileges at no more than six on-premise licensed retail locations. Retail privileges on the beer manufacturer’s license remain unchanged. There is no limit to the number of beer manufacturer’s licenses.