Previous Year’s Legislation

Legislation in 2014

AB 2004 (Chesbro)
Allows a beer manufacturer to sell packaged beer at a farmers market (with restrictions). Allows for wine to be served at a private event held on the premises of a beer manufacturer

AB 2203 (Chesbro)
Would prohibit the obliteration, mutilation or marking out of a manufacturer’s name on metal kegs.    

AB 2609 (Nestande)
Allow homebrew clubs to obtain a non-profit special event license to serve homebrew. Per request by CCBA, bill has been amended to include a provision that requires homebrew served at a special event to be confined “within a clearly identified area including… a physical barrier with a monitored point of entry.” This language mandates that homebrewed beer be served in a defined area separated from licensed brewers at beer festivals

SB 1235 (Knight)
Expands the scope of pre-packaged foods allowed to be sold at a brewery tasting room while still being exempt from the definition of “food facility” for the purposes of health department authority

AB 1989 (Chesbro)
Allow a student, regardless of age, enrolled in a qualified academic institution to taste an alcoholic beverage, for educational purposes, as part of an established degree program in enology or brewing

AB 2010 (Gray)
Would impose a maximum of 6 duplicate licenses with a retail privilege, up to 2 of which could have a bona fide eating establishment. Allows unlimited number of duplicate licenses for warehousing purposes

AB 1928 (Bocanegra)
Prohibits a licensed retailer from accepting or redeeming any type of coupon that is funded or furnished by a beer manufacturer or wholesaler. Would discontinue the practice of “scan backs” at retail      

Resolution (Chesbro)
A resolution honoring the craft brewing industry in the state and declaring April 2014 as Craft Beer Month            PASSED