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Beer Competitions


Everyone loves a good contest and the more dramatic the competition the better. Many of those in the industry believe that competition breeds better beer and thus can only elevate the craft beer scene. As we look back at the great summer beer competitions and their corresponding beer festivals we also look forward to the [...]

A Peek at Mid-Year Trends – Looking Good!


The Brewers Association (the national trade association representing the craft brewing industry) holds a monthly educational webinar called “Power Hour” for the BA membership. This month’s Power Hour was a look at the mid-year trends and statistics in the craft beer industry, led by Dan Wandel, Senior Vice President of the Beverage Alcohol Market Insights [...]

California Craft Beer at the Governors Luncheon


In what turned out to be an “interesting” turn of events the CCBA was able to fulfill a last minute request from the Governors office to supply California Craft Beer to Governor Jerry Brown’s luncheon for the President of Mexico. Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney’s B&L in Sacramento was the caterer for the event and demanded [...]